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Welcome to BetterCommerce

Founded in 2015, we’re redefining mid-market commerce solutions for retailers through advanced and flexible API’s that are easy and quick to deploy, regardless of your tech stack.

We offer a composable approach which allows retailers and brands to move at a pace and budget suited to you not us, we provide more out of the box features that any other provider on the market but most importantly put control into your hands not ours.


Leading Brands Trust Us

Forever Unique
The Fragrance Shop
Alvin Key Clamp

Since then, our platform has improved year-on-year. The results we have achieved for our clients have been transformational for them. We have achieved an industry leading customer satisfaction of 100% which of course is not normal but then again, we never set out to be normal.

Our Story

Core Values

  • Innovation & Commerce is at the core of our company. Our employees are encouraged to learn and adapt to the rapidly evolving technology to deliver maximum value to our customers and improve our solutions every day.

Standards & Trust
  • We strive to be honest and transparent to build ever-lasting customer relations and a happy, collaborative and progressive work culture inside the company

Our Mission

Our mission, from day one, is to bring enterprise grade technology to mid-market retailers at an affordable price combined with a tailored approach. We want to de-risk investment whilst pushing commerce forward one step a time.

The Future

For retailers and brands to compete, innovation, customer experience and personalisation are the key drivers and a traditional monolithic approach won’t cut it anymore. Every business is unique and it should be. It’s our mission to embrace that uniqueness and provide an environment of complete flexibility so that you can make decisions that suit you, not us. Our headless, API-first suite of apps stacked with advanced features provides that flexibility and ecosystem.

We are not normal

We are fanatical about making you happy.
That’s why we have achieved an industry leading
100% customer satisfaction.

Vikram Saxena, CEO at BetterCommerce is a self-taught programmer who has been writing code and building software for over 24 years. His passion for the retail technology is infectious and this is evident after spending only a few minutes with him. His hands-on approach ensures complete alignment and successful outcomes for our customers.

The ability to quickly grasp complex business problems and offer a simple & easy solution is undeniably one of his core strengths. He always says – anybody can design complex solutions; the challenge is to find simple solutions to complex problems. When he is not working, he is either watching movies or sometime making them or playing golf occasionally.

Our Story

Our Team

Our Core Team

Vipul Aggarwal

Vipul Aggarwal

Vipul Aggarwal as our CRO is responsible for driving the customer acquisition, sales & marketing for the business. He joined BetterCommerce in 2021, prior to which he had co-founded CanisHub, an AI driven personalization engine, which was acquired by BetterCommerce in 2021.

Finlay Mure

Finlay Mure
VP – Sales & Marketing

Finlay our VP of Sales & Marketing began his journey within the retail industry about 5 years ago launching final mile delivery solutions all over the UK. Finlay joined BetterCommerce in 2019 and takes a shoulder-to-shoulder approach with his customers. He believes that their success is our success.

Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar
Project Manager

Sanjay our Senior Project Manager is a dynamic and self-motivated individual with significant e-commerce product management experience. He is skilled in IT Service Management, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Project Management. When not working, he is busy writing poems, stories or playing with his dog.

Our Advisors

Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

Rahul is a technologist, venture capitalist and an inspirational leader with over 30 years of experience. Notable experiences include a long stint of eight years as a VC for technology companies and seven years as CEO & MD of two US based mid-sized software development companies.

Bhavish Sood

Bhavish Sood

Bhavish has 20+ years of experience spanning research, consulting, and venture capital. He started with Virtusa and Gartner, where he formed his roots in understanding businesses in depth. He currently sits on half a dozen boards of investee companies and heads Venture Investing at Modulor Capital.

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