Make better decision with Retail Analytics

Leverage user analytics and segmentation to gain valuable insights into your eCommerce business metrics. Win your retail KPIs with accurate reporting, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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Discover the power of BetterCommerce Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with BetterCommerce Analytics, transforming data into actionable intelligence and make informed decisions with the help of visualised data. 

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Detailed Tracking

Track every event and session on your website to understand customer behaviour.

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Dashboards and Reports

Get easy-to-understand dashboards and reports to make informed data – driven decisions.

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Search Analytics

Monitor user search queries and analyse to optimse search data for improving website's search experience.

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Product Analytics

Analyse your product performance to optimize your catalog and boost conversion rates. 

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Customer Analytics

Understand your customers and their behaviours to create targeted marketing campaigns.

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Store Performance

Track store performance and KPIs with aggregated data and gain seasonal trends and more. 

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Data Visualisation

Analytics software can visualize data in charts, graphs, and tables to help you better understand the information.

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Segmentation Analysis

Segment customer base and uncover in-depth insights about customer preferences, behaviour and lifetime value.

Gain a competitive edge with better data analytics

Get ahead of the competition with powerful data analytics and gain valuable insights to drive growth and success.

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User Segmentations

Dig deeper with user segmentations and make informed marketing decisions for better targeting.

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Bespoke Reporting

Ask BetterCommerce team to help you setup bespoke business KPI based reporting and dashboard.

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Complete Data Control

BetterCommerce expose data API for you to build your own command centre or data warehouse.

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Profitability Report

BetterCommerce tracks and measures all important business KPIs and reports including profitability report. 

Unlock hidden growth with Intelligent Insights

Unlock your business’s potential with our powerful Analytics module to drive growth and success.

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    Improve Customer Retention

    With deep insights from Analytics, understand the reason behind customer churn and take decisions accordingly.

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    Multichannel Data Tracking

    Efficiently analyse insightful data from multiple channels from one place and get insightful reports.

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    Business KPI Reports

    BetterCommerce is capable of setting up reports based on business KPIs and bringing those dimensions to one place for reporting.

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Why BetterCommerce Analytics?

Consolidate your business data from various sources and channels into a comprehensible format with our simplified and powerful analytics solution.

  • banner imageImproved decision making
  • banner imageBetter ROI
  • banner imageBetter resource allocation
  • banner imageIncreased cost savings

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here’s some FAQs that might help-

Why subscribe for separate eCommerce Analytics?

Current eCommerce platforms provide limited ecommerce metrics and KPIs that you need to make informed decisions. Most of the times, retailers end up subscribing to third party BI or analytical tools to bridge this gap. BetterCommerce Analytics helps to fill this caveat with powerful analytical solution that covers all business analytical requirements covering product analytics, search analysis, customers analytics, RFM and other cohort analysis.

How to integrate with existing eCommerce platforms?

With headless architecture, Analytics can be integrated with any ecommerce platforms, ERP and third party applications. Alternatively, we support all our apps with round the clock fanatic support team that can assist you with any query to get onboarded.

Can the software track user behaviour across multiple devices?

Yes, it is possible to track user behaviour across multiple devices.

What kind of data sources can the analytics software integrate with?

BetterCommerce Analytics can integrate with various data sources including website traffic data, CRM data, social media platforms, advertising networks, email marketing tools, and more.

Are you ready for BetterCommerce?

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