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About ITIM
ITIM is a retail software solution that focuses on enhancing customer experiences, increasing profitability, and streamlining operations. It offers an omni-channel platform integrating point of sale (POS), websites, mobile apps, and in-store services. 
Key features include Sell360° for various in-store tasks, a comprehensive EPoS system, Assisted Selling for improved customer service, and support for multiple ordering options like home delivery and click & collect.
It also includes functionalities for managing promotions, receipts, and comprehensive product information. Additionally, ITIM provides a unified view of customer interactions and efficient stock management tools. It is available as a SaaS, cloud, or web-based deployment.


Integration Description

  • Sell360° by ITIM Improves in-store customer service with mobile checkout capabilities, allowing sales transactions directly from the shop floor.
  • EPos is a versatile electronic point of sale system that manages transactions both online and offline, including customer and product information.
  •   The Assisted Selling offers sales staff instant access to stock levels and customer profiles, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Ordering System supports diverse ordering methods like direct home delivery and click & collect options for customer convenience.
  • Promotions Management enables the creation, management, and tracking of promotional campaigns including loyalty programs and gift cards.
  • Product360° equips staff with detailed product information, aiding in inventory management and customer engagement.

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