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About iZettle

iZettle, a financial technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden, was established in 2010 and is now a part of PayPal. It's primarily known for its mobile payment processing and point-of-sale solutions. iZettle revolutionized mobile payments with its card reader, making it simpler for small businesses and entrepreneurs to accept card payments anywhere. The company's offerings extend beyond payment processing to include a suite of tools designed to help small businesses manage sales, track inventory, and analyze performance. iZettle's integration with PayPal further expands its capabilities, offering users a comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient platform for managing various aspects of their business operations.

Integration Description

  • Organizes items into folders with different variants, allows photo uploads as product icons, and supports bulk import/export via Excel​​.
  • Issues discounts and enables remote payments via text links for phone orders​​.
  • Accepts PayPal payments through QR codes and provides in-app invoicing​​.
  • Allows setting VAT rates for items and covers essential analytics like card and cash sales, item quantities, etc​​.
  • Prints receipts and kitchen tickets; provides unique login for staff without access to reports or sensitive account info​​.
  • Features a tipping function and stores customer email addresses for marketing use​​.
  • Sells plastic gift cards and delivers gift codes via email with seamless bookkeeping​​.
    The iZettle Reader 2 supports chip and contactless NFC payments, and the Zettle Terminal is a standalone POS solution with various payment options​​.

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