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Take payments via its three payment methods: Checkout, Invoice and Part Payment by integrating Klarna with Better Commerce.

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About Klarna
Klarna, founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, has significantly transformed the online shopping experience. The company aims to make online payments simple, safe, and smooth. Over the years, Klarna has grown into a leading global payments and shopping service, offering smarter and more flexible shopping experiences. 
Today, it serves over 150 million active consumers and partners with more than 500,000 merchants in 45 countries. Klarna provides a range of services including direct payments, pay after delivery options, and installment plans, all integrated into a one-click purchase experience that allows consumers to pay in their preferred manner.

Integration Description

  • Klarna enhances shopping experiences with various payment methods, including the option to pay later or in installments, tailored to suit diverse customer preferences.
  • Shopping with Klarna is exceptionally smooth. The user experience is designed for speed, making the transition from browsing to purchasing up to three times quicker compared to others, thanks to its streamlined user interface.
  • Klarna effectively connects millions of shoppers to its retail partners, utilizing powerful and integrated marketing strategies to increase customer inflow.
  • Klarna shoulders the responsibilities of credit and fraud risks, providing retailers the freedom to concentrate on growing their businesses without these concerns.
  • With Klarna, retailers are assured of receiving full payments upfront for purchases, regardless of the chosen payment method, ensuring consistent and reliable financial inflows.

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