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About Qubit
Qubit is an advanced digital experience platform that stands at the forefront of website personalization, particularly tailored for e-commerce businesses. Its core focus is on harnessing data-driven insights to craft highly personalized and engaging customer journeys on digital platforms. 
This innovative tool is designed to interpret and act on vast amounts of customer data, enabling e-commerce entities to deliver bespoke experiences that resonate with individual user preferences and behaviors. Qubit has now been acquired by Coveo. 

Integration Description

  • Qubit utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver real-time personalization. This includes product recommendations, content customization, and tailored messaging, all based on user behavior and preferences.
  • The platform offers sophisticated segmentation capabilities, enabling businesses to target specific user groups with customized content and offers, thus improving the relevancy of user interactions.
  • Qubit provides robust A/B testing tools, allowing businesses to experiment with different website elements and personalization strategies to determine what works best for their audience.
  • Qubit’s platform includes a CDP that aggregates customer data from various sources, providing a unified and comprehensive view of the customer journey across multiple touchpoints.
  • The platform offers in-depth behavioral analytics, giving businesses valuable insights into how customers interact with their website, which can be used to further refine and optimize the user experience.
  • Qubit enables the creation of customized customer journey maps, helping businesses understand and enhance the paths customers take from initial engagement to conversion.

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