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Acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports with this AI-powered test automation dashboard by integrating Report Portal with Better Commerce.

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Report Portal is an advanced test automation analytics platform that leverages machine learning for real-time reporting and analysis. It is designed to streamline the process of results analysis and reporting in software testing environments. This platform enhances the capabilities of testing teams by providing built-in analytics features to speed up result analysis and reporting, offering a more efficient and intelligent approach to handling test data.

Integration Description

  • Offers persistent test reporting from a single-entry point, centralizing test results for better visibility and management.
  • Enables triaging of test failures by categorizing their root causes, facilitating more efficient problem-solving.
  • The Auto-Analyzer feature uses machine learning to reduce manual efforts in triaging failures, enhancing efficiency in identifying issues.
  • Automates release decisions with Quality Gates rules based on specific testing criteria and results.
  • Utilizes machine learning algorithms for predictive AI root cause analysis, identifying patterns in test results to predict future outcomes and streamline the review process.
  • Facilitates automated decision-making for release pipelines, ensuring that releases meet specified testing criteria.
    Report Portal is available as an open-source solution, allowing for wider accessibility and customization according to specific needs.

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