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Stay focused on quality customer service by tracking complete product details, from sale price to list price to current stock by integrating Webgains with Better Commerce.

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Integration Architecture

Born in the cloud, the underlying objective behind the design & development of BetterCommerce has been to provide a scalable, resilient, fault-tolerant, flexible and easy to manage platform for businesses.

API First

The technology landscape has only increased in complexity over the years making it increasingly difficult for businesses to adapt to the speed of the change. The encapsulation of the logic intertwined with models (data-access) and all written along-side the front-end code creates an extremely brittle architecture making it difficult to adapt quickly to change, which also binds a company into a specific technology stack.

An API First approach means that every functionality or feature is developed with a clear API definition document and becomes the guiding principle for any future development. One big advantage of this approach is that the responsibility for business logic is encapsulated within the API and does not needs to be duplicated in any of the front-end implementations.

Easy Integrations

External Integrations have been implemented in a simplistic way – Follow the interface definition, build an endpoint to replace any native feature’s endpoint and that’s it. The site can replace any native capability with a custom implementation. For example, if the business requires a price and availability check call that needs to be made to an external API rather than the native API, all that’s needed is to change the end point in the front end.


All the inbound integrations are quite easily managed using the extensive suite of APIs and all the outbound integrations are ‘configured’ (not developed) using the Webhooks. Want to push the order to an external system in a specific format without writing a single line of code - no problem, just configure the outbound endpoint and the format of the message and that’s it.

Do you use multiple analytics platforms

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Google Analytics
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Use GA tracking code and explore massive data.

Google Conversion
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Increase your conversion ith one of the most useful and comprehensive e-Commerce plugins available


Stay focused on quality customer service by tracking complete product details, from sale price to list price to current stock


Leverage personalization to put you ahead of your work by redefining how shoppers discover your products

A/B Testing
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Experiment with two variants of interfaces to pick the best fit with this easy interface for A/B Testing across web and mobile web

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