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We help you better manage your operations with our suite of powerful headless commerce modules. They can be used independently or together, learning from each other and giving you a very strong competitive advantage.

A suite of standalone modules working together in perfect harmony.


Launch website and new features, Faster



A next generation ecommerce platform without limitations, as scalable as your ambitions and as flexible as you can imagine. You will be able to WOW your customer AND lower your costs at the same time.

Limitless Flexibility

Limitless customisation, pixel perfect your designs without any constraints. No cookie cutter standard themes - its crafted as unique, as your business.

Optimized for sub-second speed

All the page elements - image, content, html, css, scripts are fully optimized to deliver faster delivery time.

Headless CMS

Flexibility to use a headless CMS of your choice or use built-in drag-n-drop page builder to improve shopping experience.

  • Integrated Elastic Search
  • Online Baskets & Orders
  • Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS)
  • Phone Orders
  • Subscriptions
  • Wishlist
  • Quick & Smooth Checkout
  • Assisted Checkout
  • Standard Payment Methods
  • Flexible Shipping Options
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Set up your Products, without hassle



A PIM with more out-of-the-box features than any other platform. It will allow you to enrich your product catalogue, which will result in boosted customer confidence and reduced returns.

Organize and enrich your product data

Easily import from an excel, csv or connect your ERP to build your central product repository. Enrich the product data with content, images, videos, attributes and more.

Optimized for syndication

Sell your products across anywhere everywhere. Add new sales channel in a click, just select products and relevant attributes and we will generate the feed in a minute.

Centralised product repository

Single source of truth for all teams and all types of data. Easily translate and adapt it to different international standards and marketplace norms.

  • Easy to manage
  • Unlimted Variants
  • Bundle Products
  • Personalized Bundles
  • n-Level Product Classificationcriptions
  • Extendable Custom Attributes
  • Multi-Lingual Rich Content
  • Lookbooks
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Deliver personalized experiences, with minimal effort



Build experiences for customers using simple experience builder and rich widgets without any dependency on developers.

Your Bespoke Site

One experience manager, many solutions. With headless architecture, build blazing fast content pages in minutes.

Speak your customers language

Create different versions of your page for different countries. Localise content and choose what version of page to show on each version of the store

Automate your order fulfilment, and save time



Our next generation, user-friendly OMS makes it so easy to manage orders you will fall in love with it.

Multichannel shipping, order & inventory

Streamline and automate your warehouse, order fulfilment, and inventory. Integrated with more than 20+ couriers including Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes, FedEx and many more.

Accurate inventory across all channels

Fully integrated and real-time inventory sync across all sales channels. Get Complete visibility of stock across all locations at all times. Transfer stock easily to support the demand.

Paperless warehouse

Mobile app to manage the goods received, put-away, pick-pack-ship and returns process. Automate and increase the efficiency of warehouse operations with our android app.

  • Single Inventory View
  • Sales Channels
  • Ship From Warehouse, Pick up in Store or Dropship
  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Smart Routing
  • Check stock In Store
  • Stock Valuation, COGS
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See the Business Grow, without all the data jugglery



No more data stuck in silos. Get ALL the data you need in ONE place, empowering you to make the best decisions. Finally, analytics the way its supposed to be.

eCommerce Business Metrics

Monitor key ecommerce business metrics such as LTV, AOV, Conversion Rate and more. Connect any ecommerce platform and get access to advance analytics and KPIs.

User Analysis & Segmenations

Learn who is visiting your store and who is interested in buying. Dig deeper with user segmentations and make informed marketing decisions.

Modern BI & Insights

Access to trust worthy data serves up real-time dashboards for more in-depth and consistent analysis. Unified analytics empowering key decision makers.

  • Detailed Tracking
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Search Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Store Performance Management
  • eCommerce Ad Spend Analytics
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AI Driven Campaigns, with an edge



AI driven hyper-personalised campaigns covering product recommendations, personalized promotions in real-time.

10+ Recommendation Models

Use behavioural and transactional data to show the most relevant products to every shopper in real-time.

Dynamic Announcement Messages

Improved efficiency of announcement messages based on RFM, Category, Behaviour and much more at a campaign level.

Comprehensive Analytics

Built-in Analytics will help you analyse the key KPIs and revenue uplift driven by campaigns.

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