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Personalise every Shopping Experiences

Empower marketers and developers to design experiences faster with our composable headless CMS that can be connected to any ecommerce platform.

Deliver consistent experience across multiple channels by creating reusable design components to support omnichannel commerce.

Headless Experience Manager that can be plugged into any ecommerce platform.

Personalise every Shopping Experiences

Flexible experience manager for marketers and developers to implement agile design for any ecommerce.

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Build engaging experiences that sell

All the features you need to build seamless shopping experience to solve content problem with our powerful and extensible DXM.

Build experiences that sell

  • Designed for marketers, Digital Experience Manager (DXM) allows you to build rich experiences without help from IT.
  • With headless architecture, build blazing fast pages in minutes.
Build experiences that sell

Speak your customer's language

  • Create different versions of your page for different countries.
  • Localise content and choose what version of page to show on each version of the store.
Speak your customer's language

Build your own widgets library

  • Use the pre-build widgets from the library to design your experiences.
  • Simply use standad frameworks HTML, CSS, JS to build your own custom widgets.
  • Connect your widgets with the data exposed through the headless APIs - product, category, brands, product collections, etc
Build your own widgets library
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Other Important Features


Your Bespoke Site

One experience manager, many solutions. With headless architecture, build blazing fast content pages in minutes.


Speak your customer's language

Create different versions of your page for different countries. Localise content and choose what version of page to show on each version of the store.


Truly Omnichannel

Ensure that each user receive same quality of content experience on your store, mobile site, or on any other device.


Flexible Page Builder

Limitless customisation with our out-of-the-box page builder to empower designer, marketers and developers.


Responsive Preview

Choose from three different responsive preview modes for evaluate experiences before you publish them.


Content Blocks

Create content blocks with teasers, grids or feature sections. These can be repurposed anytime with our CMS.


Image Resizing

BetterCommerce experience manager transforms, optimise, and cache each image in a CDN for faster website load time.


One CMS to manage all content

Build experiences faster with a headless CMS that enables developers and content editors to manage their content and repurpose.


Organize and structure

All components are flexible and can organised to be used efficiently. Stack and organise them with our drag and drop functionality.

Why Digital Experience Manager (DXM)

We set out to build an Experience Manager which was simple, flexible and yet powerful with business people (marketers, merchandisers, etc) as the target users on one hand and developers on the other hand to allow them to extend the resuability with custom widgets using standard frameworks (html, css, js) rather than any proprietary technology.


How do business users, designers and developers work together in Experience?

Marketers, merchandisers, designers and developers can work collaboratively to create seamless experience for end users using experience manager. With custom blocks and APIs ready module, developers can build reusable components based on business requirements that can be plugged easily into any page type. BetterCommerce Experience UI is designed keeping in mind all personas and require no coding experience to create a page.

How can I incorporate various data from other sources into DXM ?

DXM follows composable architecture which means that it can incorporate data from your other systems and third party APIs and build custom UI widgets using standard HTML, Javascript, CSS rather than any proprietary framework.


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