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Launch & manage products effortlessly

Our feature-rich headless PIM is super easy to use and has empowered our customers to launch catalogues over multiple sales-channels internationally.

No more spreadsheets. Import, organise, and manage a large volume of product information effortlessly.

Most flexible & unified app for ecommerce product information management.

Launch & manage products effortlessly

Extensible, flexible & designed for collaboration across internal departments and to publish your product information across all channels.

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More than 80 PIM features that you'll love

All the features you need to take your product information management to the next level with our simple, yet powerful PIM.

Organize and enrich your product data

  • Easily import from an excel, csv or connect your ERP to build your central product repository.
  • Enrich the product data with rich content, unlimited images and video links.
  • Unlimited products, attributes to extend the product information as needed.
Organize and enrich your product data

Optimized for syndication

  • Single source of truth for all teams and all types of data - description, images, prices and much more.
  • Sell your products across anywhere everywhere. Accurate information across all channels in real-time.
  • Share your product catalogue with downstream and upstream partners.
Optimized for syndication

Integrated Visual Merchandising tool

  • Merchandising product collections with simple drag and drop.
  • Change the product display to align with Business KPIs or simply for aesthetic purpose.
Integrated Visual Merchandising tool
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Other Important Features


Organize and enrich your product data

Easily import from an excel, csv or connect your ERP to build your central product repository. Enrich the product data with content, images, videos, attributes and more.


Optimized for syndication

Sell your products across anywhere everywhere. Add new sales channel in a click, just select products and relevant attributes and we will generate the feed in a minute.


Centralised product repository

Single source of truth for all teams and all types of data. Easily translate and adapt it to different international standards and marketplace norms.


Easy to manage

Setup simple products or complex variants of products with any size, colour, and dimensions with ease using our PIM.


Unlimted Variants

Create unlimited variants maintaining SKU level inventory and content at product level, making it easier for your merchandising team to maintain the data.


Bundle Products

Allow your shoppers to create dynamic bundles from a set of products, enabling you to merchandise your catalogue more effectively.


Personalized Bundles

Create personalized bundles, bulk discount packages and assembled products easily using PIM app and empower your any sales channel.


n-Level Product Classification

Product classification taxonomy is one of the key elements for product discovery. Our PIM allows you to create n-level of classification to create category landing pages.


Extendable Custom Attributes

Extend product attributes based on their category to provide relevant product information to your shoppers. Enable your merchandising team to manage product data efficiently.


Multi-Lingual Rich Content

Manage multi-lingual rich content, multiple images, meta information, YouTube videos, product reviews and within our flexible PIM.



Create look books, related products, technical specifications, size guides, add-ons, up-sells and cross-sells to deliver the most relevant content to your shoppers.

Why BetterCommerce PIM

We set out to build the most advanced PIM on the market and at the same time easy to manage. Of course, many companies claim this, but can they can show an equally impressive feature list as we do.


How to migrate product data from existing ecommerce storefronts, databases or excel files?

We have built-in solution for migrations for some of the most popular systems including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or excel files. For other PIM softwares, we can assist you in migrating your product catalogs to BetterCommerce PIM. At BetterCommerce, we are constantly working to provide more one-click migrations to improve faster launch.

What are the main components of BetterCommerce PIM?

BetterCommerce PIM has items, categories, families, attributes, SKU set, groups and much more. N-level product classifications helps in create sophisticated taxonomy for better landing pages. Lookbooks, multi-language content, bundled products and personalised products are some of the important component of PIM. With an intuitive user interface, merchandisers, data clerks and other stakeholders can easily streamline data management.


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