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Ecommerce today can do what a lot of traditional stores cannot.

Amazon ships over 1.6 million packages a day which is 66,000 orders per hour. Ecommerce today can do what a lot of traditional stores cannot. The evolution of eCommerce has been tremendous in the past decade - from online stores to mobile commerce and social commerce.


BetterCommerce has the answer

An easy solution to the sheer volume of order processing, scalability and freedom to plug and play is headless commerce. Traditional commerce tools do allow plug-and-play but medium size enterprises find themselves either stuck in a system that cannot expand or have to invest a lot to accommodate more users. This is why headless and composable commerce is the future.

In this space, BetterCommerce (with offices in India and the UK) attempts to disrupt the market through end-to-end eCommerce solutions for this segment.

Headless commerce is an architecture that involves decoupling of a website’s frontend and backend functionalities. BetterCommerce delivers this solution to small, medium and large enterprises who need this kind of decoupling if they wish to scale faster and smoother.

This separation allows developers to utilize the frontend technology stack of their choice for creating and delivering top-notch content experiences while plugging in an eCommerce solution at the backend for managing the commercial part.

BetterCommerce also adds composable commerce to the mix that empowers retailers/etailers to develop an eCommerce stack from interchangeable building blocks. This is a modular approach instead of the traditional all-encompassing technology.

This combination of two technologies equips the company to assist small and medium enterprises to use plug-ins when they need, thus saving cost and resources, while also keeping enough room for scalability.


Partnerships and partner programs

“We are happy to be in a space where we can directly solve problems for SMEs who are either looking to open online stores for the first time or wishing to improve their sales and order processing. Today's eCommerce companies have experiential stores as well as online stores. They offer facilities such as online trials or Pick-in-Store. We offer an omnichannel approach in an AI-driven ecosystem to automate tasks while also providing insights for better decision making. Our API-first philosophy equips companies to be fully agile so they can change as per the changing digital landscape,” says CRO Vipul Agrawal.

The API-first headless and composable eCommerce platform has partnered with LAB Group, AdYogi, MTC and Saffron Tech. This partnership supports BetterCommerce customers in digital transformation across multiple disciplines.


The startup had acquired Indian-based AI start-up CanisHub back in November 2021. CanisHub specializes in personalization and marketing automation solutions for eCommerce businesses. As a result of this acquisition, BetterCommerce launched a new AI-powered solution called BetterEngage that delivers cognitive recommendations and hyper-personalization at scale.

The disruptive startup offers "BetterCommerce Partner Network (BPN)" - a partner program for solution providers, commerce consultants and technology partners. This program has so far enrolled selected partners across more than five geographies and 15+ verticals towards supporting the rising demands of digital and unified commerce. The company intends to add 50+ strategic partners by the end of 2023 and is committed to “invest 50% of their marketing and GTM budgets for partner enablement,” the team said.


UK-based The Fragrance Store has 200+ stories and four sales channels. When they used BetterCommerce solutions, their growth went up to 500% in just three years. The company’s site speed greatly improved that led to a 188% increase in page views while their conversation rate was 62%. Another use case is of a fashion brand called Forever Unique that was looking to migrate from Magento and Prima to a modern eCommerce platform.

“BetterCommerce has simplified the way we run our business. We have moved on from using a complex tech stack based on Magento and a large number of plugins to a timesaving and customisable all-in-one solution with a single system,” shares Sumit Jairath, Managing Director (Forever Unique).


BetterCommerce offers better results

A Forbes article outlined why a major chunk of funding is going to companies offering headless and composable commerce solutions. The report said that over $1.65 billion in funding was raised for headless technologies in 2020–2021 alone — a figure that would only grow as the time passes by.

However, most companies offering solutions in this space in India are foreign players. There’s not a single Indian startup that has the resources and the technology solving the problem for small and mid-segment eCommerce companies.

With a global exposure and a disruptive approach, BetterCommerce is confident of transforming the way businesses did eCommerce in India.

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