BetterCommerce Leading the Indian eCommerce Tech Shift: Tailored Headless and Composable Solutions

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BetterCommerce is igniting a transformative wave across India’s digital commerce landscape with its trailblazing headless and composable commerce technology. This avant-garde approach marks a radical shift from the conventional paradigms of e-commerce platforms.


Understanding Headless Commerce

Picture headless commerce as the decoupling maestro: it masterfully separates the front-end display from the back-end functionality of an e-commerce application. This strategic bifurcation unleashes unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and customization. It’s akin to an artist having an infinite canvas, where the limitations of traditional commerce do not confine their creativity. Retailers can now tailor a more personalized and efficient shopping experience, much like a tailor crafting a bespoke suit, ensuring every stitch aligns with the customer’s desires.


Comes Composable Commerce

Composable commerce, in this symphony of innovation, plays the role of a modular maestro. It’s the Lego set of the digital commerce world, where businesses can pick and choose interchangeable components to construct their ideal commerce solution. This modular approach is like a gourmet chef handpicking ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece. Each module, whether it be inventory management, payment processing, or customer relationship management, is a chosen flavor that contributes to the overall experience.


For Indian retailers, this technology is not just a tool; it’s a wand of transformation. It empowers them to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market trends, effortlessly manage colossal waves of traffic, and craft an exceptional user experience that resonates with their audience. The agility and flexibility of headless and composable solutions are like the wind beneath the wings of these retailers, propelling them to soar higher in the realm of conversions and revenue.


This technological renaissance is catapulting Indian retailers into a new epoch of digital commerce, where the constraints of traditional systems are dissolved, and the possibilities are boundless. BetterCommerce’s pioneering technology is not just a change, it’s a revolution – a revolution that is redefining the very fabric of Indian e-commerce, weaving a future where the customer experience is paramount, and the capabilities are limitless.


Taking A Dive Into BetterCommerce’s Partnerships

The Fragrance Shop, a prominent UK fragrance retailer, has seen extraordinary growth by partnering with BetterCommerce. Faced with challenges like managing a growing product catalog and ensuring data accuracy across multiple channels, BetterCommerce provided effective solutions:

Customized Product Management: Streamlined migration and introduction of custom attributes.

Global Market Penetration: Enabled dynamic pricing and localization for international expansion.

Unified Multichannel Management: Simplified management across various sales channels.


Key Achievements:

500% Growth in 3 Years: Marking a significant leap in market presence.


62% Increase in Conversion Rates: Indicating enhanced customer engagement.


74% Growth in Orders: Reflecting a substantial rise in sales.


188% More Pageviews: Demonstrating increased online visibility.


Doubled Site Speed: Improving overall user experience.


The partnership highlights BetterCommerce’s role in transforming retail challenges into growth opportunities.


In India, BetterCommerce has partnered with big names like DaMENSCH and Manyavar to create solution that can handle scale-ups efficiently, offer customizable features out-of-the-box, and provide close support.


“We have been able to reduce our technology costs by 30%, which is a big deal, and have increased productivity across departments”. Niraj Patel, SVP Technology, DaMENSCH


Way Forward

BetterCommerce aims to revolutionize the Indian market significantly in 2024 as part of its global expansion plan. This initiative targets digital-first retailers and direct-to-consumer brands seeking to expand rapidly.

The platform presents a robust alternative to fragmented custom solutions built on platforms like OpenCart, Magento, and WooCommerce and is seeking to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) of its tech stack driven by many third-party integrations.


It is also an ideal choice for brands that have outgrown Shopify or are seeking to improve customer shopping experience and page speed for their brand stores.


With a focus on flexibility and an end-to-end commerce stack, BetterCommerce is poised to bridge the current market gap in India, catering to the evolving needs of modern e-commerce.


About BetterCommerce:

BetterCommerce is redefining mid-market eCommerce through advanced and flexible APIs. Built on a headless and composable architecture, it provides a suite of packaged business capabilities providing end-to-end e-commerce solutions. The commerce stack includes the following modules: PIM, eCommerce, CMS, OMS, Analytics, and Engage which can work seamlessly with any tech stack.

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