BetterCommerce  taps Tech companies to enhance eCommerce solutions

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Digital e-commerce platform BetterCommerce has announced a series of strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology and solution vendors. This collaborative effort is set to have a significant impact on the e-commerce services landscape, aiming to bring several advantages to BetterCommerce and its partners.


BetterCommerce, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Harrow, London, with a major operational base in Delhi, India.  It has a growing presence in India, and NORDICS, while it has already onboarded some big names in India its e-commerce solutions. The company is strategically leveraging new partnerships to expand and enhance its e-commerce ecosystem.


The primary goal of this initiative is to tap into the strengths of various tech firms that are making advancements in the e-commerce sector. Notable partners in this venture include Increff, Adyogi, Simpl, LAB, MTC, Clickpost, Farzi Engineer, Auditzy, and others. These strategic alliances aim to provide mutual benefits to both BetterCommerce and its collaborators.


BetterCommerce acquired CanisHub, an AI-based product recommendations startup, in 2021, enhancing its capabilities in offering advanced e-commerce solutions.


In recognition of its innovative approach, BetterCommerce was recognized by Gartner as a PIM Representative Vendor in 2022.

Commenting on this collaboration, Vikram Saxena, Founder and CEO of BetterCommerce, shared his perspective, stating "The strategic partnerships forged with these industry-leading technology and solution vendors mark a pivotal moment in BetterCommerce's journey. We believe that by collaborating with these visionary companies, we are not only strengthening our position in the e-commerce sector but also pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this dynamic industry. Together, we aim to shape the future of e-commerce, delivering unprecedented advantages to BetterCommerce and our partners."

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