How BetterCommerce is Revolutionising Indian Retail With Composable Commerce Stack

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Composable commerce is an affordable, fast, and robust solution for D2C brands to stand out and innovate for their customers’ lifetime value. Brands need to choose the right technology for constant innovation, and BetterCommerce is helping Indian retailers resolve all such challenges.

The pandemic was a strong driving force that gave a huge fillip to ecommerce in India. Digitally mature markets may have adapted to the composable commerce approach, but it is still at a nascent stage in the Indian market.

Composable commerce empowers online retailers to strengthen their game with greater flexibility, agility, and scalability. It has gained popularity rapidly around the globe, but in India, BetterCommerce has become the precursor of this cutting-edge technology.


What is composable commerce?

Composable commerce is a revolutionary approach to ecommerce that involves dismantling conventional monolithic ecommerce platforms into distinct, independent modules that can be personalised, substituted, and integrated to create a tailored shopping experience for customers.

This strategy enables retailers to achieve unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility in their operations by allowing them to choose specific modules, such as PIM or CMS, to work with their existing ecommerce platforms instead of having to migrate to an entirely new system.


Ultimately, this empowers brands to deliver a more customised and engaging shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The rise of ecommerce post-COVID and increasing consumer demands for omnichannel experiences requires adaptable technology. Composable commerce is an affordable, fast, and robust solution for D2C brands to stand out and innovate for their customer’s lifetime value. While some providers use temporary expedient techniques, it's essential for brands to decide the right battle to fight and harness technology for constant innovation. BetterCommerce is geared up to offer a solution to all such challenges to Indian retailers.

“Indian retail is undergoing massive transformation. However, it is still too young for a concept like composable commerce. But, it is estimated to be an integral part of the commerce stack by 2025,” said Vikram Saxena, CEO, BetterCommerce.

With all businesses outside India moving towards digital maturity, composable commerce is emerging as the future of Indian retail and BetterCommerce is leaving no stone unturned to spark the change


Leveraging the composable commerce stack

BetterCommerce empowers retailers to be more agile and flexible, allowing for greater scalability. The last three years have been a game changer for many Indian brands, and many have done well in revenues from online retailing.

The headless architecture of BetterCommerce’s composable commerce stack enables brands to handle increased traffic, manage data, and create unique experiences across multiple sales touchpoints without compromising on performance, security, and reliability.


It also provides retailers with better control over their technology, data, and content, enabling them to take control of their customer data management and marketing strategies, leading to significant growth. Example: The Fragrance Shop, UK, saw a 155% growth in sales in the last five years after switching to BetterCommerce’s composable commerce stack.

Composable commerce also helps retailers reduce costs by paying only for the components they require. By promoting innovation and experimentation, it offers retailers the flexibility and agility they need to adapt to evolving customer needs and preferences, driving business growth and success.

Overall, composable commerce is the ideal choice for Indian retailers seeking to leverage technology for faster growth, innovation, and digital maturity.


Road ahead for the Indian market

Being a hugely populated country and home to more than 70,000+ D2C brands, there’s a lot of potential in the Indian retail market. With the market gaining momentum towards digital maturity, the next five years are anticipated to change the ecommerce scene for India altogether. All that’s needed is the right awareness of the composable approach and how it gets the brand to scale better with higher ROIs.

India is on track to becoming a global technology powerhouse and businesses are showing keen interest in adapting to the latest technologies. The ones who stay ahead of time will definitely reap the benefits of the technology.

“We are glad to be the first-of-its-kind ecommerce stack solution provider in India who has introduced the composable commerce concept to become a trailblazer,” said Vipul Aggarwal, CRO, BetterCommerce.

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