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BetterCommerce, the headless ecommerce leader, has today launched its new whitepaper titled The ultimate blueprint to delivering an effective direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy, which shares unique insights from leading ecommerce and digital transformation experts, and outlines what the future holds for ecommerce businesses and D2C brands.


Paul Kelson, Director at Digital Transformation Consulting and one of the contributors to the whitepaper, says: “Over the last 18 months, necessity has been the key driver of rapid innovation and adaptation in ecommerce. New challenges are emerging however, with the cost of container shipping growing exponentially and a shortage of lorry drivers brewing a ‘perfect ecommerce storm’ in the run up to Christmas. A continued evolution of technology platforms, processes and ecommerce expertise is needed to see us through the next stage of the pandemic.”


The blueprint takes a closer look into how brands have responded to the pressure to quickly pivot from physical to digital, and the growing expectations of the ‘hybrid consumer’, looking for personalised omnichannel experiences. The whitepaper also highlights the challenges faced by retailers as they build their D2C strategies and essentially begin competing with their own channel and distributors.


James Gurd, Owner at Digital Juggler, says: “Data is a highly sought-after asset that consumers are increasingly willing to share. But, with brands all essentially ‘fighting’ for the same data, they each need to develop a strong ‘data value proposition’ that clearly and compellingly articulates what’s in it for the customer.”


“Traditional brands will have to rethink their legacy technology stacks in order to maintain control over their data, analytics and user experience,” adds Vikram Saxena, Founder and CEO of BetterCommerce. “In fact, brands have an opportunity to build ‘best of breed’ ecommerce stacks and take advantage of AI and ML-driven analytics to accelerate personalisation and nurture customer loyalty. Brands that truly own their D2C future will be those that create personalised experiences at scale.”

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