Personalisation at every touchpoint

Unlock the power of intelligent AI-based product recommendation with our powerful module. Leverage integrated data to create targeted campaigns and build experiences with personalised announcements.

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AI-driven hyper targeted personalisation

Unlock the power of AI for unmatched product recommendation and personalisation.

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Dynamic Announcement

Improve your announcement campaigns with efficient RFM and behavioral targeting. 

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Dynamic Segmentation

Segment and analyse your customers by RFM, Interest, Purchase Probability and more in real time. 

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10+ Recommendation Models

Showcase the most relevant products in real-time, powered by behavioral and transactional data.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Track key revenue KPIs and Sales Uplift with built-in Analytics to optimize the campaigns.

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Omnichannel Engagement

Seamless personalisation across web, email, SMS and Push messages using single access. 

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover abandoned cart and boost sales with hyper-targeted interactions and recommendations. 

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Email Personalisation

Deliver personalised emails with Engage for increased conversions and brand recall value.

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Powerful APIs

Integrate Engage with your eCommerce Platform for increased lifetime value and average order value. 

Offer tailored experiences for every shopping journey

Create unforgettable shopping journeys with BetterCommerce Engage, captivating customers with tailored interactions.

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Better Customer Engagement

Boost customer engagement with personalised experiences driven by AI-powered recommendations based on customer behaviour.

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Drive Repeat Business

Create loyal customers and drive repeat business with highly relevant recommendations that customers wants to buy.

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Improved Conversion Rate

With better product discovery, improve your conversion rate. Recommendations can uplift the conversion rate by a minimum of 40%.

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Improved Product Discovery

With AI-recommendations, product discovery is spread by each individual consumer making allowing you to sell more SKUs than ever before.

Sell More with Better Engagement

Better Engage is meant to improve the interaction of every consumer on your site with the power of automation at scale.

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    Cognitive based Recommendations

    Start upsell and cross sell based on the interest and likelihood of purchase of every visitor.

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    Collaborative based Recommendations

    Implement people who saw this also saw this, people who bought this also bought this, also bought together and other such models to improve order value.

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    Content based Recommendations

    Improve your website stickiness by providing similar product recommendations with the combination of interest based models.

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Why BetterCommerce Engage?

Streamline your on-site personalisation strategy with our advanced ML Algorithms for recommendations and announcements.

  • banner imageIncreased revenue per visitor
  • banner imageIncreased user engagement
  • banner imageIncreased conversion rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here’s some FAQs that might help-

How AI/ML helps in increasing conversion rate?

Engage's AI based product recommendations model is adaptive fuelled with data. Our machine learning engage collects clickstream data in real-time and analyses interest for every user. It then uses this data to power product recommendations to provide most relevant products to each user based on their interest pattern, allowing them to discover right products in no time. This technique is a proven method to improve conversion rate.

How long it takes for Engage to improve sales?

In general, the machine learning requires enough data to start delivering results similar to Google or Facebook Ads. Engage can start delivering results in 2 weeks of machine learning if the given store has 500+ products and has daily 50+ orders. If the number of orders are less, the model will take around a 30-45 days to start delivering optimum results. With every visitor and sale, engage becomes smarter to deliver results across web, email, SMS and push 

How does your AI tool analyse customer behaviour and preferences?

Our AI tool uses advanced algorithms to analyse customer data such as purchase history, browsing behaviour, and demographic information to make personalized recommendations. It then continuously learns and adapts based on customer interactions to further refine and improve its recommendations.

Is my customer data secure when using your AI recommendation tool?

Yes, your customer data is hashed when using our AI recommendation tool. We use advanced encryption and security measures to protect all customer data and ensuring no PII is reviled to any personnel at any touchpoint.

Can your Engage be integrated with my existing systems?

Yes, our AI recommendation tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of existing systems and platforms, including e-commerce platforms, PIM, and more. Our team can work with you to ensure a smooth integration process and provide support as needed. 

Are you ready for BetterCommerce?

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