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The Fragrance Shop
The Fragrance Shop
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"The BetterCommerce platform is the technology that enables our business to put the customer experience at the heart of everything we do - mobile, web and in-store."

Julian Holt

Group COO. The Fragrance Shop

The Fragrance Shop has over 200+ stores across the UK, 130 fragrance brands and 4 sales channels. By choosing BetterCommerce as their platform, they have driven exponential online business growth and become one of the UK's largest independent fragrance retailers.


  • Traffic Spikes: Given its size and popularity, The Fragrance Shop needed a platform that could handle a large volume of users and customers.
  • Store Integration: The Fragrance Shop was keen to bring its network of 200 stores under one roof.
  • Conversion Rate: As with most businesses, The Fragrance Shop was looking for a way to increase conversion rates.


  • With BetterCommerce, traffic spikes are now a welcome event rather than a potential issue. The Fragrance Shop has been able to cater to 4,000 concurent users with 3,000 orders per hour without issues.
  • BetterCommerce allowed The Fragrance Shop to integrate its 200 stores under one system.
  • Following re-platforming, The Fragrance Shop was able to achieve a 60% conversion rate increase, 50% growth in revenue and traffic per year, and 5x online revenue growth in 3 years.
  • We are proud to have helped them achieve massive growth in customers, revenue and conversion.

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