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Composable Commerce Masterclasses
Finlay MureMike SteerSana Remike

Date: 27-Jul-22

Duration: 59:45:00

Composable Commerce for Retail Business - An Online Masterclass

In this online masterclass, we discussed the trends that support Composable Commerce and various approaches that are building momentum. You will also learn how packaged business capabilities can fix problems step by step without escalating the cost.

Headless Commerce Podcast PipeCandy
Vikram SaxenaAshwin Ramasamy

Date: 10-May-22

Duration: 38:55:00

PipeCandy Merchantry - Is Headless really the future of DTC Brands

PipeCandy give an honest insider's account of the eCommerce industry in the "Merchantry" podcast that aims to be the voice of clarity. With Vikaram Saxena, CEO of BetterCommerce, we examine Headless as the future of DTC brands in this video.

Replatforming Masterclass Composable Commerce
Vikram SaxenaPaul SandersonDavid Worby

Date: 31-Mar-22

Duration: 01:03:31

Joys of eCommerce re-platforming - When, How and Why to Replatform?

Replatforming may be a difficult, and brands and merchants frequently are unsure of where to begin. In this webinar, a variety of industry professionals will address when and why you should replatform, potential problems and available choices.

Webinar Masterclass Headless eCommerce
Finlay MureCamilla Tress

Date: 17-Mar-22

Duration: 01:00:16

Headless Commerce Masterclass with BetterCommerce and Oliver Bonas

The why, how, and how much of Headless Commerce were covered in this webinar. Finlay Mure and Camilla Tress speaks in this webinar around current stages, monolithic, different types of platforms and how to choose the right platform.

Headless eCommerce Subscription eCommerce
Vikram SaxenaJulian HoltJames Gurd

Date: 10-Mar-22

Duration: 41:15:00

Selling Fragrance Online: Headless Commerce, Live Shopping & Subscriptions with The Fragrance Store’s COO

In this episode, Julian Holt, COO at The Fragrance Shop and Vikram Saxena, CEO at BetterCommerce share insights into how they’re using the headless ecommerce platform & other technology to drive The Fragrance Shop’s ecommerce success.

Roundtable DTC Model Substainable Growth
Vikram SaxenaJanis ThomasWilliam CarsonSumit JairathDaniel McCabeJames Hyde

Date: 17-Feb-22

Duration: 56:21:00

Future of direct to consumer (D2C) Business - eCommerce Technologies & Platforms

How brands are now striving to create D2C business models that are long-term viable and sustainable. Learn what difficulties they encounter, and how they build the breadth of systems necessary to satisfy changing customer demands?

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