Achieving Omnichannel Success

About the whitepaper

Companies with well-defined omnichannel Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs achieve a 91% higher YoY increase in customer retention rate on average, compared to organisations without omnichannel programs (Forrester, 2018).

But most companies get it wrong simply because of a lack of understanding around how to effectively analyse, define and implement an omnichannel strategy that delivers real benefits.

This guide cuts through the noise and industry buzzwords to provide the definitive guide in understanding how to successfully prepare, implement and measure a return on an omnichannel strategy.

What you will learn is backed by decades of experiences from industry professionals, to provoke the thinking of anyone who works in eCommerce and retail, from senior commercial decision makers in both large and small businesses alike.

This guide will help you define the practical next steps to help make your digital transformation project a success.

Key elements covered in the whitepaper:

  • What stages to Consider when developing your omnichannel strategy
  • Critical questions you MUST ask yourself.
  • A simply strategy that can increase rev up to 175%.
  • How to make truly targeted messages that will resonate with your audiences.
  • How to Identify the KPIs in your omnichannel strategy. (Nearly 50% of UK SMEs fail at this)
  • The metrics for measuring omni-channel success.
  • The House of Fraser Case-study, what went wrong?

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