11 proven hacks that will increase eCommerce conversions in 2021

11 proven hacks that will increase eCommerce conversions in 2021
Note: 11 proven hacks that will increase eCommerce conversions in 2021
11 proven hacks that will increase eCommerce conversions in 2021

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Looking for hacks to boost eCommerce conversions?

Running and growing an eCommerce business is like a puzzle unless you know what exactly to do in specific instances. With the world of digital marketing evolving at the speed of light, only a few conversion optimization strategies have stood the test of time.

But the good thing is that opportunities in the current times are endless, and there are numerous ways you can boost conversions. With the right approach and strategy, it is possible to exponentially grow your business in a short span of time.

This article discusses the top hacks of 2021 that are helping brands in almost all niches to get a high ROI from their campaigns.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the 11 proven hacks that will increase eCommerce conversions in 2021.

Follow the 80/20 Law to make Investments in Convertible Traffic.

There is a famous 80% benefits and 20% effort law that works in eCommerce platforms. It states that 20% of the effort you put in will account for 80% of the results. Therefore, while concentrating on optimizing your online store on eCommerce platforms, it is always better to focus on customer traffic that converts. Various websites can help you find out your highest conversion sources. Such websites generate maximum income for your online store. 

Send Push Notifications to Convert Abandoned Cart Guests

The last point to be a part of the list is sending push notifications to guests who forget products in their cart and never return them. By sending reminder push notifications, you can increase eCommerce conversions by a decent rate. Push notifications hold a greater chance to offer eCommerce conversions as compared to emails. You can send push notifications about the products they left in their cart or how the items might run out of stock if they do not make a purchase soon. Furthermore, to boost the push, you can also offer free shipping or discounts as an incentive. 

Display Bestseller Goods with Full Screen Welcome Mats

You can display a welcome mat to your customers featuring your bestseller goods. These pop-ups take up the entire screen. To use the store further, the user requires to scroll down. Screen-fitting welcome mats grab the attention of the visitor and stay in their subconscious mind. To infuse something in the head of your store visitors is a great way to increase eCommerce conversions. You can use either a grid layout or a list layout and display about ten products for a feature. This way, all your bestsellers can be on display to your visitors.

Create Urgency by Using a Countdown Timer 

A quick way to increase eCommerce conversions is by offering limited-time proposals and displaying countdown timers. Program timers create a sense of scarcity and urgency among visitors and help boost your store’s conversion scale. You can plan to add a ticking timer for stock that might soon run out or for a flash deal that is about to end. eCommerce websites offer varying templates for you to create a timer campaign in no time using simple steps.

Show Product Ratings and Reviews as Proof on your Store

Studies and research show that most buyers refer to ratings and reviews of goods before making a purchase. Therefore, the addition of product ratings and customer reviews can help increase eCommerce conversions by an overwhelming percentage. Research states that ratings and reviews improve conversion valuations by nearly 270%. When visitors consider authentic reviews by verified customers, they feel confident of the products they intend to buy. To add reviews to your store on a headless eCommerce platform, you can apply the stock review feature. The product review feature enables you to assign star ratings, advantages and disadvantages, and photos to any product column. You can additionally utilize it to receive ratings and customer-submitted reviews. Furthermore, you can also have them displayed in a sidebar widget.

Boost Purchases with a Spin-The-Wheel Popup

Attaching a spin-the-wheel contest is yet another simple hack to increase eCommerce conversions. You can give prices like free shipping, discount codes, etc., to your store visitors. The customer requires to either register with their contact details or email id and try their fate at the wheel.

Convert Engaged Visitors into Buyers with Incentives

There are a lot of visitors who visit your store but do not make a purchase. They are the customers who are unable to make up their minds. There are tricks to converting visiting customers to buying customers. By offering an extra push to these visitors, you can increase eCommerce conversions by quite a considerable number. You have to offer discount codes as incentives to visitors such that they make a purchase. You can put up exclusive discounts and coupon codes for visitors who view a certain amount of pages on your online store, for example.

Use Exit-intent Popups to Convert Quitting Visitors

Research shows that about 70% of visitors visit your online store and never return. Have you imagined how amazing it would be if this number could convert into buying customers? Well, there are certain things you can do to increase eCommerce conversions, even when it comes to abandoning customers. You can use an exit-intent popup to offer free delivery or exclusive discounts to visitors leaving your store without making a purchase.

Add More Stock Videos and Images

Adding pictures and videos of the products you sell are yet another great way to increase eCommerce conversions. When visitors can see what they are spending their money on, they feel more confident about their investment. By adding high-quality photos and videos, you can highly boost your sales. While speaking of videos, you can add demonstrating videos where you describe the traits and applications of the product. 

Improve Your Product Descriptions

Providing more details about the products you list is one of the essential factors that help increase eCommerce conversions. The more details the better it is. Customers desire to know the details of the product before making a purchase. More information on size, weight, colour, etc., helps them decide quicker. You can also include pictures of before and after use to showcase the usefulness of the product.

Guide Users with the Help of Live Chat

A proven hack to increase eCommerce conversion is using live chats. Live chats can help your visitors if they get stuck at any point in making a purchase or trying to make a payment. Customer support agents offer answers to queries in no time and smoothly guide visitors through the process while checking out. When there is live support available, customers are more inclined to make a purchase. When a live chat is not available, and your customer gets stuck, there are chances that they would exit the store without a purchase. 


All the hacks combined can turn your online store into the highest ROI-generating store in your niche.

Successful implementation of all the above-listed strategies is what stands between you and your goal of becoming the market leader.

So, start with an implementation strategy and implement everything one by one to slowly increase conversions on your store!

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