How can BetterCommerce improve your business?

How can BetterCommerce improve your business?
Note: BetterCommerce offerings that improve your journey as an eCommerce entrepreneur
How can BetterCommerce improve your business?

Vikram Saxena


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BetterCommerce was founded in 2015 and is focused on creating headless tech solutions for mid-market brands and retailers. It is an omnichannel eCommerce solution that empowers retail enterprises to work towards maximizing revenue efficiently. When speaking of customer intelligence, APIs, and functionality, BetterCommerce offers unparalleled performance.

Brands trustBetterCommerce for its out-of-the-box features, flexibility, conversions, and faster rollouts. The self-service features and in-built tools help establish and run a business with the least workload and a minimum number of employees. BetterCommerec is a reliable B2C and B2B commerce solution that can easily enhance or replace your integrations, current systems, plugins, and processes. In short, you can work on building and scaling up your business with pocket-friendly pricing.

Listed below are some BetterCommerce offerings that improve your journey as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Let us analyze them in detail: 

Out of the box features

BetterCommerce is better than other eCommerce platforms, thanks to its outstanding features. Several features that are offered as advanced features for different eCommerce platforms are offered as standard with BetterCommerce. With various advanced out-of-the-box features, retailers can efficiently deliver digital commerce plans and schemes with efficiency like never before. BetterCommerce is designed with a headless, API-first philosophy. It significantly alters how an eCommerce platform is customized or implemented, offering stability and security of customizable bespoke solutions.

Easy customization

BetterCommerce is a complete omnichannel commerce solution featuring a contemporary architecture crafted for the cloud. Developed with a 100% API-first concept, it completely transforms and enhances how a commerce platform can be customized or implemented. In addition, since BetterCommerce is completely based on open REST API architecture, innovation creativity has no limits. Utilizing the APIs of BetterCommerce, one can integrate new technologies, customize the web store, and extend anything desired.

Easy integration of existing system

BetterCommers is designed to integrate with your current systems effortlessly. It enables you to use your existing systems and have your website running in minimum time such that the returns on your investment begin as soon as possible.

Once your store is live, BetterCommerce helps you keep everything firmly under control, reducing dependencies on developers with self-serving capabilities. In addition, you get access to a comprehensive set of documentation through the intuitive Knowledge Hub. 


BetterCommerce is a trusted eCommerce platform where security is a priority. We offer you fast websites with secured checkouts, helping gain customers’ confidence from all over the world. BetterCommerce capitalizes on the in-built security features of Azure, a unique platform that constantly scans for known as well as new vulnerabilities. With the aid of Azure, BetterCommerce ensures to deliver a profoundly secure performance for its customers. In addition, the security and safety features are all contained within the platform solution, unlike several other eCommerce platforms that rely on third-party bolt-ons. All in all, it removes your risk with a secure and safe back end.

It is omnichannel

Customers these days demand intuitive, relevant, and targeted experiences when they choose to engage with your brand and business. Where and how they choose to connect with your brand is of much relevance too. BetterCommerce offers you a dedicated and responsive website, in-store hub, and mobile app by seamlessly covering all the bases. It ensures optimum device responsiveness by centralized management and publication of all the channels. No matter what device your audiences are using, the design and content will automatically adjust and deliver a supreme quality customer experience.

BetterCommerce captures all the data across all available channels and helps the digital teams to create personalized performances that deliver top-notch customer experiences. Be it customized promotions, eased-out checkouts, or reminders, BetterCommerce is dedicated to all.

Run Multiple stores

BetterCommerce will let you take your business global, letting you expand to heights you always dreamt of. It will allow you to run various domains from one single centralized hub. It enables businesses to go multi-lingual and multi-currency, making your reach increase. You can also have region-specific pricing listed and can manage and create additional stores, country sites, and brands. All in all, with BetterCommerce, you can grow and flourish in a decent timespan.

It will help your marketing.

With BetterCommerce, you need not worry about your sales and web traffic. It flaunts a comprehensive toolset that helps boost sales, enhance website traffic, and deliver a quality customer experience. BetterCommerce is one of those rare eCommerce solutions that offer advanced conversion and marketing tools that help accelerate the growth of your business. Therefore, you get to enjoy ROI and enhanced web traffic while investing minimum time on managing the technical end.

BetterCommerce supercharges your business promotions with the aid of powerful merchandising tools that lets you conveniently align content, goods, and advertisements. It will also help successfully deliver campaigns at the right time, in the right place, with the apt content. There are customer insights available that help creates personalized promotions based on real-time data. The customer insights based on behavioral analysis are combined with integrated analysis to fetch accurate data.

Assistance from specialists

An additional perk with BetterCommerce is the support from experts throughout the association. They spoil you with the assistance of a team of specialists who provide support during the complete project cycle, from answering technical questions, to advertising on other platforms, to and resolution of queries. They also extend post-launch support whenever required.

BetterCommerce also provides system integrators, technology companies, and a dedicated community of digital agencies who help deliver powerful and flexible eCommerce solutions. Customer support commitment is an excellent benefit with BetterCommerce. They make sure to render help before the start of the project, while it is ongoing, and post-launch.

Easy to manage (comprehensive tools)

BetterCommerce will reduce your workload and helps you manage your business with a set of comprehensive tools. The availability of advanced tools lets you manage your business with fewer employees as maximum work can be done by simply putting the in-built tools to use. The available tools boost your web traffic and provide greater conversions along with customer satisfaction. Even by investing lesser time in technology management, you can witness accelerated website traffic and ROI; such advanced are the available tools. Additionally, the comprehensive tools also give you access to your customer’s insights based on their shopping behavior. You can have day-to-day insights and use them to enhance decision-making.

Mobile App

These days mobile phones are the most preferred shopping medium for audiences. With the unavailability of a user-friendly mobile application, people often quit shopping for brands. BetterCommerce offers a white-labeled iOS application along with a customizable source code. You can conveniently customize the design of the mobile app and add newer dimensions to the offers.


BetterCommerce comes with plenty of benefits and conveniences when it comes to eCommerce business solutions. Whether you are a beginner or an already established business, BetterCommerce will aid you in establishing, building, and flourishing. With the excellent offerings, you can plan a growing company with the slightest effort and inputs.

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