8 things you should know before choosing a headless Ecommerce platform

8 things you should know before choosing a headless Ecommerce platform
8 things you should know before choosing a headless Ecommerce platform

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Ready to start your E-commerce journey but confused with numerous Ecommerce platforms to choose from?

Wondering what to look for while selecting the right platform for your Business?

There are actually not 1, not 2 but hundreds of essential factors that you must consider before selecting a Headless eCommerce platform. One small factor like website speed or a minor SEO tweak can actually result in a huge difference when we talk about sales and conversions.

But, the issue here is, “How to ascertain if a particular platform is good or not?” This is actually one of the biggest concerns for Entrepreneurs.

This post will hopefully help to answer some of the key questions. We have highlighted some of the top factors you must consider while selecting a Headless eCommerce platform. Knowing all these factors will help you make the right decision and be ready for online domination.

– Pricing and Payment 

One of the basics to consider while choosing a headless eCommerce platform is its cost. Whether you own a small-scale business or are an established one willing to expand online, you must know what services you would be paying for. 

Almost every platform charges a monthly fee. The cost varies depending on the kind of platform you choose. There is also a processing fee associated with the eCommerce platform that you must consider. 

However, do not compromise on essential services to save a few pennies. You can compare the pricing of your shortlisted eCommerce platforms before selecting an ideal one for your business. A few platforms like Shopify come with various additional paid apps that can mount up to big numbers in the end. Therefore, research well in advance before making a decision.

Additionally, you should also pay attention to the methods of payment available to customers. Various platforms do not allow payments via third-party vendors such as PayPal. Missing payment methods can be a disappointment for your customers and lead to shopping cart abandonment. 

– Integrations

Another factor essential to consider while looking for the best headless eCommerce platform for your business is its plugins and integrations. Several platforms feature plenty of tools to help you smoothly run your business. The requirements of your business would play a determining factor while deciding on the plugins that would be ideal for your business. Some popular plugins that you must look out for include:

(a)   Apps that help with shipping your products.

(b)  Email marketing tools that would help you keep in contact with your customers.

(c)   Accounting plugins to render help with taxes, profits, sales, and revenues.

(d)  A platform that would let you reward your customers for investing in your products.

– SEO Friendliness

SEO plays a big role in the success of your eCommerce Business. Just by doing minor tweaks in your content, you can grow your organic rankings and generate phenomenal sales targets. While choosing a platform, you must ensure that the platform allows and simplifies making SEO tweaks for your online store.

Some essential features to look out for while seeking an SEO friendly platform includes:

(a) The facility to add meta tags and information to the website.

(b) The ability for customers to leave product reviews.

(c) The facility to perform extensive On-Page SEO including Image alt text, etc.

– Customer Service/Technical Support

One of the features of a reliable eCommerce platform is its customer service. To have more control over smoothly running your business often requires expert assistance. For anyone just starting, Ecommerce can be a real challenge. Issues like server downtimes and software outages are frequently not in your control. 

Technical issues like these can keep your customers from accessing your store. The servers might crash at undesirable moments. Server crashes can be the cause of negatively affecting your brand image and revenue.

To have an expert that you can call at times like this, who can help your store get up and running again, plays an essential role in choosing an Ecommerce platform. You must ensure adequate technical support while seeking the best headless eCommerce platform for your business. 

  • The levels of customer support offered? 
  • The cost of the services provided? 
  • How to reach the technical support team? 

are some of the questions you should research before picking a suitable eCommerce platform for your business. 

– Scalability

Every business grows with time. Also, the growth graph of every business is different. The best headless eCommerce platform is the one that scales along with your business. When you first start, you begin with using lesser features and using less storage. You should not be paying for what you do not use when you kick start your online store. 

Also, as your business takes off, you must be on a platform that scales up along with your growing business. Pick a platform that allows you to scale it to the size of your business without hurting your pocket unanimously in the long run. BetterCommerce is one of those platforms that helps you grow at a budget that suits you.

– Mobile Friendliness

Studies suggest that about 60% of searches happen using mobile phones. These searches often lead to purchases and payments done using a hand-held device. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you look for platforms that allow your customers to buy your products and easily make payments using their mobile phones. 

In an advanced and mobile-dependent world like ours, you cannot call a platform the best headless eCommerce platform unless it offers mobile-friendliness. 

– Security

With increased online scams, no customer wishes to enter their card details on a sketchy platform. Security is a matter of concern for consumers these days, which is why you need to check security before making a final pick. 

While most of the platforms would feature robust security as a standard offering, make sure that the eCommerce platform you choose supports SSL/HTTPS for the security and safety of the details of your customers. 

Additionally, make sure that the eCommerce platform you pick is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. 

 – Available Themes

Themes help you design your online store. Most of the eCommerce platforms feature plenty of themes to choose from. Some of the available eCommerce themes come free with the subscription, while the others come with additional costs. 

The premium themes come with an additional charge. They make your website stand out and offer an exceptional shopping experience to your customers. Investing in an eCommerce platform that lists ample theme choices is always a win! 

Before picking an ideal eCommerce platform for your business, make sure to consider the theme selection it offers. Also, consider the amount of effort you would require to put into customizing your online store. 

If you are familiar with website creation, you would not want a lot of additional work. However, if you are not a pro while dealing with website design, you should consider seeking more help. 


You are now officially a pro at selecting the right eCommerce platform. Everything we have discussed is the secret to having a sales optimized website for your Business.

If you are now looking for a platform that takes care of all these factors and is made while considering the most significant needs of modern times, check out BetterCommerce’s platform.

We have spent countless hours optimizing and fixing the biggest problems of users at eCommerce platforms and made something that can fulfill a growing business’s needs!

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