Personalization at Scale: Is it right choice for your Brand?

Personalization at Scale: Is it right choice for your Brand?
Note: “one-size-fits-all” approach
Personalization at Scale: Is it right choice for your Brand?

Finlay Mure

Brands & Communications
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The way buyers shop and their expectations of services, personalization, and communication are ever-evolving, brands need to keep up with the trends. They need to stay at the forefront of ecommerce experiences if they want to succeed.

Aligning content with the customer’s journey is critical. As every person is unique and needs individual attention, they expect a focused, highly personalized approach rather than a generic “one-size-fits-all” approach. There are numerous personalization-at-scale examples that prove this idea. You will truly enhance your customer experience and optimize conversions by getting mass personalization right.

How Data can help in Personalization at Scale?

There are numerous factors to consider when creating excellent customer experiences— personalization, delivery, inventory, customer service, and more. All of which, of course, rely on data. Data is the most valuable asset for every business in the digital age. Companies can use analytic techniques to maximize customer lifetime value, protect existing revenue streams and create insights for the organization to take forward.

When brands can understand the critical drivers of customer (online) behaviour and pinpoint why some customers may be buying from competitor brands, they can find ways to compete effectively and accelerate innovation. Such insights can create new and improved business models, loyalty programs, or new incentives.

This is a virtuous circle. If customers have their expectations met, they will be more willing to share their data with companies to get even more personalized experiences in the future.

How to Personalization at Scale can Boost Conversions?

Brands can optimize growth and further elevate their ecommerce experiences with sophisticated personalization features. Data can be used to show the path a customer takes from search to purchase in real-time, with a number of suggestions being made to them throughout their journey.

Specific product types can be narrowed down and recommended in colours and styles that best-suits customer preferences. This hyper-personalization at scale can stay with them, even if they leave the site, to remind them to follow through with the purchase of products they’re interested in at a later time.

Personalized landing pages based on behaviour can target returning customers to show them products and services they might be interested in. Brands can choose to add specific customizations like pop-up campaigns, offering incentives in return for customer data.

How to Supercharge personalization with AI and ML?

With millions of customers, all looking for experiences tailored to them, brands that genuinely own their ecommerce future will be those that create personalized experiences at scale.

As businesses grow to have vast numbers of products in their online store and thousands of customers to serve, they want to do marketing automation, product recommendations, and personalization at scale, all at once and using one solution.

Brands that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-driven analytics will be in a solid position to turn a one-time purchase into a more extended customer engagement. By fusing AI and ML with ecommerce systems, brands can scale their personalization efforts and nurture customer loyalty.

How BetterCommerce Engage will help you?

A platform to facilitate personalization at scale is BetterCommerce‘s Engage solution which enables brands and online retailers to build consistent and targeted omnichannel experiences across all their channels and touchpoints.

Engage’s AI-based product recommendations model is adaptive and data-based. The machine learning algorithm analyses interests of every user. It then uses this data to power product recommendations to provide the most relevant products to each user based on their interest pattern, allowing them to discover the right products, and ultimately improving conversion rates.

Dynamic announcement messages improve the efficiency of announcement messages based on category and RFM. With SMS and email personalization features, brands can deliver one-to-one messages at scale and in real time. Such Digital Personalization at scale can deliver outstanding & consistent results.

Integrating personalization engines with composable or headless commerce platforms is becoming common. With such a technology stack and a combination of tools, brands can facilitate a highly personalized omnichannel customer experience that boosts customer engagement and nurtures loyalty in the long term.

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