Nose your customers

Nose your customers
Nose your customers

Sumil Jalota


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The fragrance shop unveils their ‘Sniff Bars’ with plans to roll out more locations this year.

Sniff Bars have seen success in the UK as the first standalone perfume bar

Consumers that use the bar can chat with a consultant face to face instead of through email.

In December 2018, The Fragrance Shop (TFS) unveiled their newest stand-alone perfume bars, the Sniffbar. This three-step process give consumers a new user experience; allows them to sniff designer perfumes, chat with a consultant for the best perfume advice, if they’re in a rush they can choose their desired scent by scanning the QR code and order on the go!

This unique user journey and fulfilment model was all set-up and designed within the BetterCommerce commerce platform. The platform allows customers to order their chosen perfume through 3 different channels:

Buy at the bar

Order at bar for home delivery

Order on the go

The last two options offer multiple delivery choices to suit their needs, including Click and collect, and gift delivery to a family or friend’s address.

All of these options give consumers an experience of both a physical and digital purchase, unlike any shopping journey before.

The Sniff Bar initiative has already seen 30% higher conversion volume and 3.5 times more interaction with customers than in-store. TFS has also seen 66% more ‘unique customers’ compared to just it’s stand-alone eCommerce site.

The major success in the sniff bar initiative, has led to the roll out of The Fragrance Shop announcing it’s plans to open over 15 Sniff Bar sites this year with Birmingham New Street and Merry Hill at the top of the list.

Sanjay Vadera, CEO of TFS says:

We are on a journey and this way, BetterCommerce experiencing the pain points from within the business will benefit both parties.”
-Sanjay Vadera, CEO

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