Proven Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to Online Stores in 2021

Proven Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to Online Stores in 2021
Proven Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to Online Stores in 2021

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Looking for some highly targeted organic traffic to your eCommerce store?

Wondering what channels you should focus on to get a constant stream of organic visitors?

eCommerce store owners are often confused about the amount of effort to spend on organic vs inorganic traffic sources. While inorganic sources, including paid ads, are essential, there is no comparison to the returns you can get with organic sources.

With the proper focus and inputs, organic sources pay in the long term. You can build your credibility on platforms that will reward you with organic traffic for long periods.

However, it isn’t easy to find and focus in the right direction for organic traffic.

This article helps you achieve just that! We have sorted the best sources of organic traffic that you can start working on today to get highly targeted and converting traffic.

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the best sources.

1. SEO optimize your site:- Search engine optimization is an essential tool to use that would help drive organic traffic to online stores. When buyers search for products, you want them to locate your store in the top results.

The top position is a valuable ingredient to generate sustainable traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is a means that tunes your website to enhance its possibilities of listing higher in search results. Things involved in SEO while dealing with eCommerce sites includes:

  1. Usage of the apt density of appropriate keywords
  2. Data structuring in a way that makes it more readable for the search engines
  3. Optimizing images
  4. Optimizing meta descriptions and titles

2. Add social share options:- The addition of social share buttons helps to drive organic traffic to online stores by providing traffic and social proof. The addition of social share buttons to product pages, blog posts, websites, and images enables users to share your content links. When your visitors share these posts, their network gets access to your site via the shared link. 

3. Try different platforms like Quora, Youtube, etc.:-Switching to YouTube is another brilliant way to drive organic traffic to your online store. You can use YouTube to increase traffic to your store by creating informative videos and attaching links to descriptions. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers and have them share your links on their videos. Adding annotation links to the video you upload is another option to use YouTube to drive organic traffic to your online store

However, this process is eventual. Once you start creating and uploading at least one video per week, you will eventually drive traffic to your website. You can build your audience over a period of time and hugely benefit from it. If you are willing to put in efforts for the long term, YouTube is a good choice.

4. Guest posting:- Guest posting can be of two different types – you can post to other sites, and you can accept posts from guests or outside contributors. You can indulge in both forms of guest posting. Guest posting to drive organic traffic to online stores would require some research.

You would need to search for blogs in your niche and renowned publications. Furthermore, research and shortlist the ones with maximum activity and engagement. These are the posts that get ample social shares. Also, some blogging platforms would feature some guidelines for post submissions. Therefore, it is essential to abide by those rules.  

You can include links that lead to your website in your guest posts. It can be within the bio or the content you post. 

The presence of your website link would drive traffic from that blogging or publishing site to your own. What more you can do is to invite contemporary brands and your niche bloggers to post on your blog. 

When your blog shares more information, your readers get more involved in what you post.

5. Use Pinterest and create content for it:- Pinterest is yet another effective way to drive organic traffic to the online store. When you pin your blog content and products several times in a week, Pinterest traffic holds the capability to outperform high traffic generators like Facebook.

If any of your pinned data gets viral, you gain an endless traffic stream to your website. When you share a blog post, you can pin the images of your products within the post. Any of your pinned images can get viral and drive organic traffic to the online store. 

For instance, say you want to promote a page, and the product pictures on that page are not very inspiring. You can upload custom photos to entice clicks to your online store.

6. Email Marketing and building a list:- Email marketing helps you drive organic traffic to online store as long as your buyers or visitors stay subscribed. These days with social media limiting your reach, email marketing is a sure shot way to gain some control over driving traffic to your site.

Building a list for email marketing is for the long-term approach, as developing a list can be time-consuming.

7. Detailed product descriptions:- Detailed product descriptions are yet another way to drive organic traffic to your website. While incorporating product descriptions, make sure to include the right keywords. A good description comprises all the benefits and features of the product.

While keywords are essential to driving organic traffic, you must make sure the content is easily readable for your buyers and not created merely for search bots. The length of the product description can be based on buyer awareness and features. Products with low buyer awareness and plenty of features would require a detailed description. 

Unique product descriptions can help you achieve favoured rankings from search engine algorithms.

8. Host contests and giveaways:- When you offer contests and giveaways to your website visitors, you give them reasons to visit your online store time and again. Making giveaways and contests a regular strategy for your eCommerce venture can help drive organic traffic to online store

And if you have a social share button, you can enjoy ample benefits. Word-of-mouth marketing would ignite the traffic to your store. When new users enter your giveaways and contests, you also grab a chance to market to them in the future. Researches state that one-third of contest entrants desire to receive updates from the brand. 

With the engagement of plenty of interested individuals, you can work on strategies to offer them shopping preferences. Remember, personalization is an opportunity to keep your customers happy.

9. Get indulged in discussion forums:- Discussion forums are platforms where people discuss topics, ask questions, and share information on any topic. Some of such renowned platforms include QuoraReddit, and Yahoo Answers.

Remember to keep your forum discussions organic and not purchased. Before promoting your business on these forums, make sure to add value to the community, earn respect, and build relations. 

After spending a good enough time on the platform, you can add your website links to your handle bio. You can also connect with people of the same niche as yours and develop a circle of like-minded individuals.


You now have a list of the best sources of organic traffic for your store.

Start by choosing the most relevant ones and build a strategy that you can implement with the current resources you have.

If you are looking for a strategy that can help you grow, you can read this article about Omnichannel strategy to know how you can successfully implement and leverage it for your store – Omnichannel strategy: how to balance risk and opportunity?

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