Movimiento es vida, Movement is life.

Movimiento es vida, Movement is life.
Movimiento es vida, Movement is life.

Sumil Jalota


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Even though this quote came from a post-apocalyptic zombie movie, the meaning rings true within the eCommerce industry. Particularly for our client Alvin Key Clamps (AKCs).

They knew if they stayed where they were, technology and those that progressed with it, would advance beyond their capabilities and take their potential customers with it. They needed to move, but with the right eCommerce partner.

The Alvin Key Clamps brand was first created around 1939, designed to sell quality Key Clamps and Tubes nationwide. Their main goals were to be a quick and cost-effective business, much like a majority of retailers within the eCommerce industry. The problem was, how could they stand out?

The CEO of AKC, Stephen Capel says:

During our vendor selection process, we came across a lot of different companies and whilst we gave them all the same brief and they approached everything in similar ways it produced hugely varied results.

Enter BetterCommerce

“BetterCommerce took our brief and not only became fluent in it but also learnt about our company and marketplace to understand needs beyond our brief.”

When looking at perspective clients we always want to offer the best opportunities for them to grow their business. Our team researches and identifies key problem areas and then designs the best package for each client. This is exactly what we did for Alvin Key Clamps.

Sanjay Kumar is one of the original team members at BetterCommerce who has been working closely with AKC, he says:

It was important for us to listen to AKC’s requirements very carefully. We started with their existing data, mapped it with the customer journey, analysed the cause-and-effect relationship and were able to deliver a great service.

We created a B2B component that combines feature like quick order pad, reorder, and the ability to take orders over the phone. This helped provide a personalised pricelist for their individual company customers. This all leads towards a great user experience!

Customer feedback has been hugely positive, in particular mobile customers who have seen a massive improvement.

We also operate as a unique partner and not just a platform that runs in the background. Andrew Busby, Forbes contributor stated in his piece – The Sweet Smell Of Success- “Retail businesses like to forge close working relationships with their (often) multitude of technology partners, but rarely has there been a [retail] relationship quite like [BetterCommerce].”

“BetterCommerce are so much more than just a platform they have become part of the Alvin Key Clamps team.”
-Stephen Capel, CEO

Our relationship with Alvin Key Clamps is based on face to face interactions, as we do with all our clients. This way we can truly understand what they need and how we can help. This also provides the opportunity for AKC to come up with ideas and discuss and collaborate with the team, who can then help develop it and get it up and running on their site.

After BetterCommerce came into play as their platform, Alvin Key Clamps has been able to effectively improve sales & manage their quotes, orders and customers. They now have one tool to manage their business and help increase conversion.

Working with BetterCommerce has meant we can thrive not just survive.

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